Eat Well

Our Key Principles

Quite simply, most of us take in more calories than we burn off.  There is an overabundance of food, particularly snack foods which are often very calorie-dense, for our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Here at Glow, we want to focus on helping you make the right food choices.  Ensuring that the type of foods you eat are low GI, which will stabilise your blood sugar level and keep it constant without causing any fluctuations leading to sugar cravings.

We don’t want you to always feel hungry and deprived – we want you to love your food and feel great.

  • 1 Changing the shape of your plate – The key is to combine different food groups together, making sure you include the right percentage of protein, complex carbs and vegetables at the right time of day. We also want you to reduce the types of carbs that will give you a blood sugar high (fruit, jams, confectionery, white bread, etc). Making these simple changes and including protein with each meal will help you to feel fuller for longer.
  • 2 Changes to the types of carbs we eat – Making changes to the carbs you eat will help with weight loss and improve your overall health. So make some switches from simple carbs to complex carbs e.g. having blueberries on your porridge instead of sugar will help give a slower, steadier release of energy. Sugar is just as much to blame for weight gain as is fat. You will benefit enormously by cutting down on the amount of sugar in your diet which is of high importance in achieving good digestive health.
  • 3 Mix and Match – Varying the foods you eat is vital in order to benefit from the wonderful array of nutrients. We’ll introduce you to a wide range of foods, some new to you and hopefully you will try them – you should develop a taste for exciting new flavours and enjoy broadening your experience of food.
  • 4 Eat regularly, but eat right – If you eat the right amount of food combinations that are broken down into glucose slowly, you will create a consistent supply of energy and still be able to lose weight.
  • 5 Stay hydrated – Keeping hydrated is essential. Always have a drink with a meal. This can help you remain alert and keeps your digestive system healthier. Keeping your fluid intake consistently high is imperative in order to aid weight loss. Although all fluids count, nothing beats plain water.
  • 6 Start Smart – Awaken your senses with your warm lemon water and enjoy breakfast at a time that works for you.
  • 7 Eat 80:20 – Socialising is a wonderful part of life; to allow for these occasions, following the plan for 80% of the time will still give you success, albeit more slowly.
  • 8 Stop and Eat – Try to sit down and eat at least one meal a day with your family. Take your time eating and enjoy. At work, always try to eat away from your desk.
  • 9 Love Fat – If you come from a background of dieting, you probably see fat as the enemy but our brain is 60% fat! We need essential fats in our diet for concentration and memory, for our skin and hair, to help with our body’s immunity to disease and to help us absorb Vitamins A, D and E. However, we know that it is saturated fats that should be avoided as these tend to be the type of fats more associated with weight gain and cardiovascular disease.
  • 10 Make it social, make it fun – this is vital to success. Being part of a supportive group, having fun and going on the journey together is key to sustainable health improvements.

The Plan

We have taken all these principles and have created the Glow Eat Well Plan so if you want to take steps to eat well and to feel great then why not start today.