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Hi, I’m Liz and I’ve been teaching fitness classes for over 10 years.  I am passionate about helping people get fitter and stronger in a supportive and encouraging environment. My classes are full of like-minded women (and a couple of men) doing their best to feel better about themselves. My priority is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle whilst having fun along the way.

First Class Free

We offer all new members a FREE trial community class. Simply pick your class from the list and contact me to book your place.


I teach 11 classes every week in the Community at Cramlington, Whitley Bay, Seaton Sluice and Stannington. The exercise varies from week to week and will include aerobics, Interval Training, Fitness Pilates, Purestretch and Toning. The classes are suitable for all, regardless of age or ability. You work at your own pace. Any movement is better than no movement!

I also teach a chair exercise class for those women who find exercising a challenge. Throughout Lockdown I took my classes online and I now deliver 4 classes live in my Private Facebook Group every week. These are all recorded so they can be done at a time that is convenient to you. It also means that distance is no object as you can take part in my online classes from anywhere in the world. All you need is a Facebook account and Wi-Fi.

I also teach a Lift Lean course periodically which is aimed at the peri/post menopausal woman and helps to increase muscle mass and strength. Just get in touch for details of my next course.

I am delighted to be working with Parkinson’s UK to offer people living with Parkinson’s a chair based exercise class in Ashington at the Masonic Hall on John Street. In the short time that the class has been running, I have already seen a difference in the participants’ ability.  Exercise is proven to be beneficial for people living with Parkinson’s and everyone works at a level that is right for them. We also have refreshments afterwards to catch up and socialise.  If you or anyone you know is living with Parkinson’s and would like to come along, just get in touch.

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Every Tuesday 11.30 am £5 or £8 per couple Masonic Hall_ 2 John Street_ Ashington_ NE63 0SE


At Glow we don’t ‘diet’. We encourage a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet combined with regular exercise. This is supported by our very own Recipe Book where you can find delicious meal ideas suitable for the whole family. I also offer an optional weekly weigh in in class for those who like to keep a check on their weight.


At Glow, it’s not just about Fitness and Food. Friendship plays a huge role in my classes and many women have made lifelong friends since they joined Glow. There is a special camaraderie in my classes which I’m really proud of. I organise many social events including a weekend in Dumfries, bus trips, quiz nights and monthly walks.


At Glow, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life can be hard and it can get you down. We don’t strive for perfection, we just do our best and have fun along the way. Smiling is infectious!

Here’s a few thoughts that you may have before you decide to come along...

I probably won’t know anyone.
Many of my members who join find new friends and get together for coffee, walks and outings outside class too, so if you’ve recently moved to the area or retired it could be a great way to meet new people.

I haven’t really exercised much before.
Don’t worry, we have lots of members who are either new to exercise or returning after a break, or think their co-ordination isn’t good enough to join a class. My classes are designed to get you exercising at the right level for you and we can adapt the moves and offer alternatives for most fitness abilities. Although it’s an exercise class it’s designed to be fun – no one gets everything right all the time, not even me!

Will I be too old?
Very unlikely! Most of my memebrs are 50+ with the oldest being 88 years young!

Will I be able to keep a check on my weight?
Yes if you want to. With our Glow Eat Well nutrition plan we want to encourage you to cook from scratch and whilst it’s definitely not a ‘diet’ we hope that it will help you control your portion sizes and eat healthily. I do bring my scales to class each week and you can either check your weight yourself or ask me to do it – or you can just come for the exercise, whichever suits you best.


£18 per month
One exercise class per week at your chosen venue.

£26 per month
Unlimited classes including online.

£30 per month
Unlimited classes including online and an optional weekly weigh-in.

All options payable by standing order only on a monthly basis. Standing order is set up for one calendar month later.


St Mary The Virgin Church
Claremont Gardens, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay NE26 3SF
9.30am — 10.15am
Email Liz to book your place

Stannington Village Hall
Main Street, Stannington, Morpeth, NE61 6EL
12.30pm — 1.15pm
Email Liz to book your place

Beaconhill Community Centre
Langdale Dr, Cramlington NE23 8EH

9.30am — 10.15am
Email Liz to book your place

6.30pm — 7.15pm
Email Liz to book your place

7.20pm — 7.50pm Purestretch
Email Liz to book your place

Seaton Sluice Community Centre
Albert Road, Seaton Sluice NE26 4QX

8.45am — 9.30am Fitness Pilates 
Email Liz to book your place

10.00am — 10.45am Fitness Pilates
Email Liz to book your place

11.00am —11.45am Seated Exercise
Email Liz to book your place

Whitley Lodge First School, Woodburn Drive, Whitley Bay, NE26 3HW

6.30pm — 7.15pm
Email Liz to book your place

St Mary The Virgin Church
Claremont Gardens, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay NE26 3SF

9.30am — 10.15am
Email Liz to book your place

Full Schedule

Whitley Lodge First School, Woodburn Drive, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, North of Tyne, England, NE26 3HW, United Kingdom

Albert Road, Seaton Sluice NE26 4QX

Langdale Dr, Cramlington NE23 8EH

Main Street, Stannington, Morpeth, NE61 6EL

Claremont Gardens, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay NE26 3SF

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I started coming to the Pilates class and from there ventured to some of the others. Liz is really friendly and you always get a warm welcome when you come into the class. The classes have not only helped me get fit but got me back in touch with old school friends and also made new ones on the way.  If you can't make a class you can always do it at home as they are also live and recorded. Liz goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals.

I started attending Liz's pilates group in January 2019; it is the longest commitment I have ever had to such a class and I can honestly say I really enjoy and benefit from it. I have a nice walk to class with my friend, Clare, do the class and walk back home. Liz has been an inspiration especially through lockdown. I joined many of her classes either live or recorded during this time. She has been really supportive to members during lockdown and I'm sure lots of other members like me, really appreciate her and are inspired by her. Thanks Liz

I've been enjoying my Glow classes for over 3 years now and I have no intention of stopping.

I love the variation in the classes and Liz always throws in some new moves. It is such a friendly group and we always have a laugh. I think  fitter now than what ive been for years and I have much more energy and stamina too.

Liz has been amazing all the way through lock down she deserves a medal. 

I joined Glow nearly three years ago and have never looked back. For the first time in my life, I enjoy exercise!. Liz has classes for everyone, no matter your shape, size, age or fitness level, there is a class to try, or to improve at. All levels of fitness are covered so you can tailor your exercise to fit. Liz always has lots of lifestyle advice and all the members are so supportive of each other, losing weight and getting fit has never been this much fun!!
Even throughout lockdown Liz has done online classes and her infectious enthusiasm and dedication have kept us all going. I thoroughly recommend giving Glow a go.

(Fitter at 59 than I’ve ever been!!)

Started with Liz 3/4 years ago have enjoyed and learned something in most classes.  Liz makes you believe you can do it and if not she is quite happy for you to work at your own pace.  In lock down there was a comradeship feeling with her own line classes afternoon chats and quizzes.

Glow has been my saviour just popped up at exactly the right time for me . It's not just fitness it's fitness, support, friendship and absolute security. It's my time for me . No matter how anxious I am I can be in a room with liz and the girls knowing I have their support and they have mine . Before I started glow I never imagined exercise being so much fun that I couldn't wait till the next class . I can't thank you all enough xxx 

I do classes with Liz and it has helped me massively.Since joining Liz I have managed to walk Hadrians Wall and the West Highland Way. Liz is also very supportive and caters for everyone.

I go to Glow classes with Liz Wilson because they are fun, varied and suitable for all with an amazing atmosphere. This is not just a keep fit class, it's a social group with trips away, walks and talk topics. Liz will always go the extra mile to help. She is very supportive.

Some of Liz’s Classes:




Fitness Pilates






Pure Stretch