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This IS my full time job! Running a total of 14 classes a week is more than just turning up to teach and whilst it certainly keeps me fit, I also have the same struggles as members who attend my classes.

So what really happens at a Glow class – well I can thankfully say that leotards are no longer the exercise gear of choice. Mind you, did we really choose to wear them or just follow the trend all those years ago? Long sleeves, short sleeves, all assortment of colours and……the thong. Let’s leave that thought firmly behind us! Nowadays, we exercise in a variety of clothing, the emphasis at Glow is wear what you are comfy in. The person next to you doesn’t mind that you are wearing your paint splattered joggies or whether they are a little tight. Glow Edinburgh West encourages “it doesn’t matter”. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter if they are a little tight. What matters is that you are making positive changes.
Jill MacGregor Glow Edinburgh West
So you now know we exercise but there is so much more to us. Healthy eating is a big part of Glow. Do you ever worry about all the advice we hear? Low Fat, No Fat, Healthy Fat, Low sugar, No sugar, the list is endless. Geez, just make it easy and that is what we do. We show you how to make healthier choices with our Glow Eat Plan, We offer you the option to join our “28 Day Summer Support” and be guided through 28 days of healthy eating – a brand new initiative from Glow. Another new initiative is our Nutrition Workshops. Glow Edinburgh West has already run 2 workshops on “Eating for Better Skin”. We held a fantastic 2 hour workshop that was supported by the Boots No 7 Team, who came along and did a skin analysis on everyone who attended. Everyone also received a fantastic goody bag with their personalised skin care cream, not just a little sample but enough cream to last about 3 weeks, brilliant, everyone loves a freebie! We are not stopping there…..we have just done our next training and will be offering workshops very soon on “How to eat your way through the menopause”. These workshops will again be supported by Boots No 7, a relationship we hope to keep building on and there is certainly more in the pipeline.

So you now know we exercise and offer nutrition advice but it is so much more than that….Sounds corny I know but we make friends….and when we make friends we join in social activities together. We held our first Cookery Demonstrations to help raise awareness of a local food bank. First time I had every pretended to be a chef, no I mean cook and even then I use the title very loosely. We prepared a very simple salad “Courgette Pasta Salad” and handed out samples, loved doing it and suddenly I became Nigella!! Did complete my Food Hygiene prior to event, so felt I knew everything there was to know, haha! Next on our social calendar is our Charity Fashion Show, supporting a charity that helps the people learn new skills. Our models are all class members including Laura who was just featured in the Woman Diet Special having lost (and more importantly maintained) a 4 and a half stone weight loss. She is being joined by Lesley who has shed 6 stone and maintained that weight loss for over 2 years, just a few on the many Glow success stories. It is important, however, to emphasise, that many join our classes with only a few or no pounds to lose but want to eat healthier and get fitter. Over the Summer, classes can quieten down as routine changes, weather seems too hot (nice thought) and holidays beckon. We continue to offer classes right through the summer, let’s face it, what else would I do in the evenings during the week. I already enjoy my wine at the weekend, so need to work hard during the week to keep the 80/20 balance that Glow advocates, although sometimes my members would say I get it the wrong way around!

Excitement then builds, as 100 members get ready to “Glow Around The World” with our Dance Fitness Event and overnight stay at Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort. This is our second year at the hotel and this year’s event promises to be even better with champagne, cocktails, exercise (we need to get the balance right), use of spa facilities, then a fantastic Halloween party with 3 course evening meal before we fall into our beds (to be fair last year, some, no names mentioned as what happens on tour, stays on tour were still singing at 6am!!).

So back to “this is my full time job” a job that I love, helping people get fitter and healthier in a fun and friendly environment!

Jill MacGregor
Glow, Edinburgh West

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