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“My holiday clothes are loose and I feel good. The doctor (and my knees) are very pleased that I am keeping the weight off.”

Isobel Gibson

“Absolutely loved the variety of menus over the past few weeks. It has really made me change in lots of ways and very much so when doing my food shop…this may seem strange but I feel thin on the inside as not experiencing any bloating which is fantastic for me and any weight loss will be an added bonus. Feeling good in my clothes.”

Ann Silvester

“I just had to let you know that I arrived back from our 3 weeks in Australia yesterday – and am exactly the same weight as when I left Scotland.  This is an absolute first in my 60 years of life that I have not put on loads of weight on holiday. Yet I had a great time, have eaten well, and had lots more drinks that usual. So looking forward to the next programme!”

Nikki Donald

“Kicking my height to have lost 8.5lbs in the last 28 days on the Glow plan. I’ve lost 18″ and Mark has lost 10″ in the last 3 weeks and we’re feeling great. Thank you all for the support and encouragement, it means a lot.”😍

Jennifer Matear
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