High Intensity Interval Training

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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training ( or HIIT) is a class exercise based on alternating periods of intense exercise with recovery periods of a lower intensity.

Normally lasting 30 minutes in total, the ratio of high intensity workouts to lower intensity is varied according to fitness levels. So, for example, it could be a one-minute burst of jacks, squats and hillclimbers followed by a short recovery period … and then we go round again!

This routine is perfect for those wanting to lose weight quickly as it keeps you burning fat even after the class. This is because the body simply can’t get enough oxygen during the bursts of intense activity and so speeds up the metabolism for hours afterwards to compensate.

Did you know?

Glow coaches held a Guinness World Record for the largest ever HIIT multiple venue workout in the World; achieved in September 2014 across over 30 UK venues.

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