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Eat Well is one of the Glow pillars for health and wellbeing as we aim to encourage you to enjoy the benefits of balanced nutrition and to discover a love of cooking from scratch.

Mags Krzeminska and Rita Pietrula from the Personal Chef Edinburgh

Therefore we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mags Krzeminska and Rita Pietrula from the Personal Chef Edinburgh.

With many years of experience as a Chef, Head Chef and Freelance Chef in 4-star and 5-star hotels and in Michelin Star restaurants as well, Mags really wanted to put the intimacy and personal touch back into dining as well as providing a new, safe alternative to restaurants. Dining out in safety. Allowing just you and your guests the opportunity to experience the celebration of food in a truly relaxed environment.

Together with her partner Rita they created Personal Chef Edinburgh – a unique form of business providing exclusive culinary experiences as well as cooking classes – all for small groups of people at a time – and taking place in chef Mags’ private kitchen, or if preferred in clients homes.
Rita also has experience as a Healthy Eating Instructor, which meant their collaboration was a perfect match for Glow.

The Personal Chef Edinburgh have recreated recipes from the Glow online nutrition plans, which they have shared on live cooking sessions on the Glow Facebook page plus we have been very fortunate that they have also developed exciting new recipes for us too.

Their passion for cooking is infectious and so we are delighted to be working with Mags and Rita, so we can encourage you to discover a love of healthy cooking too.

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