Sonja Harper

Glow North Leeds

“I think dancing is simply the best way to keep fit. Most importantly it’s fun, it’s also sociable & it’s so good for your body and mind. I’ve been teaching dance/fitness classes for about a decade now. I try to adapt my classes so that they’re suitable for different ages and different fitness levels so that everyone can have a fun class.”

Here’s a few thoughts that you may have before you decide to come along...

I probably won’t know anyone
Many of my members who join find new friends and get together for coffee, walks and outings outside class too, so if you’ve recently moved to the area or retired it could be a great way to meet new people.

I haven’t really exercised much before
Don’t worry, we have lots of members who are either new to exercise or returning after a break, or think their co-ordination isn’t good enough to join a class.  My classes are designed to get you exercising at the right level for you and we can adapt the moves and offer alternatives for most fitness abilities.  Although it’s an exercise class it’s designed to be fun – no one gets everything right all the time, not even me!  I usually say it’s like learning to drive, when you first start out you have to really think about everything you do and sometimes you stall the car, but with practice it you get better and it becomes easier.

Will I be too old?
Very unlikely!  Because I run most of my classes during the day, many of my members are retired, although they definitely don’t have a retired attitude to life!

Will I be able to keep a check on my weight?
es if you want to.  With our Glow Eat Well nutrition plan we want to encourage you to cook from scratch and whilst it’s definitely not a ‘diet’ we hope that it will help you control your portion sizes and eat healthily.  I do bring my scales to class each week and you can either check your weight yourself or ask me to do it – or you can just come for the exercise, whichever suits you best.


(please note - exercise is for the first 45 minutes of the class and last 15 minutes is for payment/weigh in)




9.30am – 10.30am (Sonja)
Moor Allerton Sports & Social Centre, Stonegate Road (opposite Fire Station), Leeds LS17 6EL

How much?

Please note – we’re currently not taking cash/cheque payments.
You can pay by debit card, bank transfer or monthly by standing order

Weekly Payment
£7.00 per session

Block of 4 classes

Monthly by standing order
£24.50 – 1 class a week
£29.50 – 2 classes or more

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